The Great Southern Escapade: Driving to the Deep South

Technically, this picture is facing South.

It’s been fun talking about imaginary friends and second life and the metaverse here in the diary. And I would like to thank all of the folks from VWE Wrestling who came by to say hello. but for the last two weeks of the year, Becca and I are going to go out and experience the real world like we never have before. We’re setting out on a grand road trip to Houston; an escapade, if you will.

When I was growing up, I would write daily entries for every trip I took, from family trips to Disney or New York to my Birthright trip to Israel to my semester abroad in LA. Many of these stories were abandoned out of either youthful boredom or because I authored some sections in an altered state. But I enjoyed writing them all nonetheless, and the stories that survived the test of time still bring me joy when I find them on my old shelves at my parents’ house.

So I hope to keep up with that tradition on this adventure. After all, we’ll have a lot of driving and exploring to document. We’re driving down some of America’s most trafficked interstates from New York to Houston, passing through Charlotte, Clarksburg, and New Orleans to get there. On our way back, we’re crossing Arkansas to see Memphis and Nashville. Our final stop before pulling back into the Five Boroughs in time for New Year’s Eve is Point Pleasant, WV, home of the legendary Mothman.

Our vehicle carrying us on our journey south of the Mason-Dixon line is our trusty 2020 Elantra, Vanessa Carlton. We named her after the 2000s singer-songwriter because the first song we played while driving her was “A Thousand Miles”. She has just over 17,000 miles on her now and will rack up about 3,500 more on this trip alone, but she just got an oil change so she’s ready to pound the pavement.

While Becca and I will capture most moments of our trip on social media, I think there’s something to a good old-fashioned travel blog. So even if I don’t post about a day’s agenda right away, I’ll try my best to share our comings and goings in as timely a fashion as possible.

As for the quality of the posts, I can’t guarantee anything Pulitzer-worthy, but you don’t come here for that kind of writing anyway. You come for the raw unhinged musings of an idiot on the Internet. I will most likely be posting from the road under a sea of maps and snacks, in a daze from either the strange and powerful elixirs of Louisiana, the intoxicating barbecue of Texas, the hypnotizing tones of the Mississippi Delta, or – of course – the stare of the Mothman.

So folks, the Great Southern Escapade is upon us. Check back over the rest of the year for updates from the road as Becca and I celebrate Christmas by dodging traffic up and down the highways of the southern states of America.

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