The Paris Buns’ new single out now: “Children of an Awkward Age”

Proud to announce that the Paris Buns has released its first new official single in two years, “Children of an Awkward Age”, on all streaming sites and Bandcamp. You can find links to listen to it or download it at the bottom of this post.

The Paris Buns is my solo music project since March 2015. Through 2017 I was performing regular gigs around New York and was starting to branch out into other regions (a.k.a. New Jersey), and I had put out a couple of EPs as well as my first album Push Gently. But when COVID hit, I put performing on pause and focused on writing new music. Many of the songs I wrote during the peak of the pandemic were released on the Metromania series of EPs, but I kept a handful of my favorites on the backburner for an eventual second album.

“Children of an Awkward Age” is one of those songs that I held over from early quarantine. It’s sort of a song written from two points of view: One from younger folks trying to get a leg up in their lives, and the other from the folks who have gotten along in their years and have started to lose sight of their dreams. It’s one my favorite tracks that I’ve put out, and a fun one to play live.

While you can hear “Children of an Awkward Age” now, it will also appear on my second album Memory Box, which will be released on April 1st (not an April Fool’s joke) on all streaming sites and Bandcamp. To listen to the new single, click the links below:

Note that everything I do with the Paris Buns is incredibly DIY, from the recording to the mixing to the mastering to the promotion. I have no idea what I’m doing but hope that you kind of get what I’m going for here. Please enjoy “Children of an Awkward Age” and stay tuned for the release of Memory Box in April.

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