The Paris Buns’ new album “Memory Box” out now

Hello – Long time no talk. I’m terrible at marketing, but I’ve released a new album and I’d like to share it with you all. This is Memory Box by the Paris Buns, and it’s available to stream or download now. Click this link to find the new album on your music site of choice.

Memory Box contains twelve tracks. Some were written in the middle of 2021, while most were in my notebooks and demoed several years ago. One track on here was originally tracked in 2013. So you can see how the album name reflects the content, in that most of the songs are lyrics that I’ve had stored away for a bit, popping up here and there in live shows and open mics, but now finally ready for posterity.

All of the songs have to do with memory in some way. The title track takes its name literally, in that it’s all about finding the old sketches, stories, photos, etc. locked in the closet years ago. “Pieces of Eight” tracks the changes in my identity over the years. Songs like “Stoplight” and “Jump For Joy” explore self-discovery and the shedding of bad memories, while “End of the Tape” and “Land” are all about those lingering negative vibes finding their way back into conscious thought.

I tried a few times to record these songs with more instrumentation, better production, a clean sound. But nothing felt right. Eventually I fell back on the method of recording that has always suited me in the past: Push record, play the song, push stop. Each song was recorded into a cassette deck simulator to give it that extra crunchy lo-fi sound, and few songs have extra overlays for some added guitar fanciness. Listening to Memory Box is like hitting play on an old tape in a well-loved Walkman. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Anyhow, that’s all I had to say about the new album. I hope you’ll click the link at the top of the post and take a listen to it for yourself. I’m proud of Memory Box and believe you’ll enjoy it as well. Thank you.

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