Mets’ opening day thoughts: Megill good, teamwork works

I’m not gonna worry about getting stats right when it comes to writing about baseball. I don’t get paid for this. I’m a fan, not a beat writer. So forgive me if my rants about the Mets, Red Sox, Blue Jays, or any other team I choose to talk about aren’t the most academic. They don’t need to be. They gotta be authentic, like a half-eaten hotdog on the floor of the 7 train after a Mets blowout to the Pirates. (If you know, you know.)

With that said, Tylor Megill put down good numbers in the Mets’ Opening Day game against the Nats. I think Gill (as I’ll now call him) faced a lot going into this game. Pressure to cover for the stricken deGrom. Pressure to live up to hype. Pressure to show that he’s more than his high-4 ERA from 2021. Pressure to show that he was the right guy to pick over Trevor Williams or David Peterson. He lived up to all of that and more. Six strikeouts, no earned runs, a few hits, and several times getting out of big jams… That’s professionalism right there. That’s what you look for in a dude who might take a semi-permanent role in your rotation. It makes guys like Steve Cohen, Billy Eppler, and Buck Showalter think about what the future of the rotation looks like.

With that said, I don’t think Gill’s going to take over full-time for deGrom or cause the Mets’ FO to rethink the contracts of some of their other pitchers. (You never know, though.) Gill’s got a good arm as he showed, but I fear that he’ll push it too hard to prove himself and get sent right back to Syracuse far too soon. Buck did Gill good taking him out after five innings, even if Trevor May (or May, as I call him) did allow a Juan Soto homer in the sixth. Had the Mets allowed any more runs to the Nats, I would’ve gone to bed with a sickness. But lo, it was the Mets who scored more runs!

Yes! All the jokes about stranding runners can – for now – end. The Mets worked together to put up five runs, even if one of those came from James McCann (or Cannon) getting hit on the foot. Pat Corbin started the game off well on the mound for Washington but lost his control as the innings wore him down. You love to see when good baserunning and solid hitting go hand-in-hand. Mark “Mark” Canha, “Big Meat Pete” Alonso, Francisco “Smiles” Lindor, Robinson “Robbie” Cano, and Eduardo “E-Dubs” Escobar did great work around the bases and on the field. You love to see a game where almost everything goes right for your favorite team, and for the fortieth time in fifty-three seasons, that’s what happened for the Mets on Opening Day. A brilliant start to what will hopefully be a magical season for Queens.

(If you haven’t figured it out by now, I use nicknames for every player. Try to keep up.)

This weekend the Nationals continue to try not to get swept. Their old friend Max Scherzer (“Maniac”, “Scherz”, “Mr. Growls”), Chris “Bass” Bassitt, and Carlos “Cookie” Carrasco will face them on the mound. Here’s hoping that the Mets can stretch their Opening Day success throughout the weekend.

Thoughts from the Discord:

  • Folks calling Gill “Cylor Megill” gotta cut it out. If he ends this season with a winning record and an ERA below 4, that’s a victory for the guy. As we’ve seen from pitchers in the past – *cough* deGrom *cough* – too much pressure can end a season way too fast.
  • One game does not give one the right to gloat, folks. I could go on saying how the Mets are in first place with a 1-0 record and how that means we’re on track for a 162-0 season, but I won’t, because that’s bad juju. (This is to all the Cubs fans who freaked out after beating the Brewers 5-4.)
  • Bobby Witt Jr. is going to make life grand for the Royals and a real pain in the ass for every other team in the AL Central.

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