Big Meat Pete breaks game silence with grand slam; Mets now 3-0

Late post but folks, if you watched last night’s Nats-Mets matchup and tuned out before the fifth inning, you missed out. After going four innings with some success, new Nats pitcher loaded the bases for Pete Alonso to send a grand slam well into deep left field. It was Pete’s first homer of the season and his first career grand slam.

Don’t worry, folks: Big Meat Pete is home, and even better, he’s thriving in the DH spot.

This is not to say anything negative of the pitcher. Joan Adon put up four hits in as many innings and struck out three, and for a dealer who has little major league experience, that’s not a bad way to start a career. He did hit Starling Marte in the ass though, marking the third game in a row that the Mets have had a batter hit by a pitch. This doesn’t necessarily show inexperience from Adon; it shows a need for the pitching staff to show up for the Nats. Folks in the Mets fan base are starting to call Nats pitchers some particularly unpleasant names.

All that aside, the Mets got nine hits off of Nats pitchers, and Brandon Nimmo was able to add on to Pete’s grand slam by stealing home on a ninth-inning wild pitch by Andres Machado. Chris Bassitt shined on the mound for the Mets in his team debut, going six innings in which he struck out eight and allowed only three hits. Drew Smith, Joely Rodriguez, and Adam Ottavino completed the game to give the Mets a 5-0 shutout win, bringing their record to 3-0 and keeping the club on pace to win 162 games this season.

This afternoon it’s Carlos Carrasco against Erick Fedde to see if the Mets can sweep their opening series and go 4-0. Cookie’s had a tough go since returning from injury, but maybe he’ll find the juice for the Mets to make it a good end to their weekend.

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