BLESS THIS MESS… Redecorating the diary… A change of pace

Well, you can see I’ve done some redecorating here… For the sake of making this feel like a true diary, I’m forsaking all the creature comforts of a blog that would garner traffic: SEO, post titles, and so on. From now on, I’ll treat this like a longform Twitter account: Rolling thoughts throughout the day. I think that works better for a scatterbrained guy with intrusive thoughts like myself.

I keep a notebook now for the one-off musings; it’s easier to carry that around and jot something down. When I’m sitting at my desk, I find it easy to crack open one of these Chrome windows with a blank post template waiting for me. I don’t expect viewership from this method of random expectoration of language. I expect that it will free me from the trappings of my mind. (I get this sounds goth and fake-deep. Who cares? I grew up in the era of people welcoming each other to their twisted minds. Get with the culture.)

Anyway, it’s about 90 degrees in New York while I write this. I’m sitting in the air conditioning. The Mets are 9.5 games ahead in the NL East and sitting pretty in first place for the first time in a long time. I am leaving New York City in thirty days. Life feels good. It would feel much better if I could get my head right, but that’s going to be a process as always.

The other thing about this website is that once I feel I’ve finished a train of thought, I hit Publish. That’s what I’m going to do right now. Expect far more unhinged posts, story fragments that go nowhere, and musings about Billy Joel, the Mets, and coffee later on in this new era of Will Sisskind’s Online Diary. Thank you for reading.

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