THANK YOU SECRET WEAPON… A note for Dominic Smith of the Mets

Dom Smith’s going down to Syracuse. That’s a shame. I liked Dom Smith on the Mets; he had a personality about him during the Wilpon years that seemed youthful and positive which took away from the meager performance of the team during the late 2010s. In 2019 and 2020 he popped off and hit in clutch situations, earning him MVP votes. Last season he did well too, but something shut down this year which put him on the trade watch list. He proved himself before the team’s brass had to decide whether to cut him or Cano, but since that game he has not hit. This Mets team can hit, and if you can’t hit, you can’t play until you can.

So that’s why Nick Plummer got called up to stay for a while with the Mets and Dom Smith is getting sent down to Syracuse to work on his stuff with the AAA club. That’s fine; I’d rather see a healthy strong Dom Smith in the minors than a struggling Dom Smith in the majors. If he can find what he lost, maybe he’ll come back to Queens. But I think he most likely transfers to a different organization at the trade deadline at this point. Smith wanted to prove himself with the Mets ball club, but he might now think that there’s no room for him. He’ll start looking for other teams that need a good starting player with range. I can think of a few teams that need good defensive fielding, though I’d rather not name names for fear that my worst nightmares will come true.

Anyway, thanks to Dom Smith for all he did for the Mets since 2017. I have a feeling this won’t be the end of his time in blue and orange, but in case I’m wrong: So long, Dom, and thanks for all the bombs.

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