The great baseball manager shake-up of 2022

Three baseball managers have quit in the last some-odd days… Two have gotten the axe, and one has made a public fool of himself… I don’t think you can say Don Mattingly quit, but once word gets out that you’ve had a 90-minute meeting where you filet your players’ morale like a cheap cut of trout, you might want to start looking for new employment, because neither your players nor your fans will want you in your current role… As a baseball manager, vilification doesn’t make for many satisfying wins in your book…

As for Joe Girardi and Joe Maddon, c’est la vie, gentlemen. Girardi’s star dimmed the minute he left the New York Yankees’ organization… Worst of all, he went to the city of Philadelphia, which everyone knows spells a death sentence for anything with a pulse. Maddon might have taken the worst blow… He has never gotten a straight-up executive ass-kicking out of a job. He went from thirty years in the Angels organization – one of which he spent coaching them to a World Series title – to leading the Rays to several playoffs to managing the legendary 2016 Cubs before going back to Anaheim… And now, after the Angels drop twelve straight, give up their Wild Card berth to Boston, and look lost even with some of the best players in baseball on their staff, Maddon finds himself unceremoniously unemployed. Requiescat in pace, ye skipper legends, unless some other sorrier team needs a seasoned voice in their dugout…

Perhaps someone wants to yank A.J. Hinch from the Tigers next, or maybe Mark Kotsay from Oakland or wherever the A’s will go soon enough… I’d say get Dave Bell the hell out of Cincy, but the Reds have come back from absolute oblivion and maybe there’s still something there for Bell. Dave Martinez has another year left to redeem himself, according to my friend who lives and dies according to the Nationals’ schedule… Dave Roberts and Gabe Kapler might also need to go on a watch list.

The one manager whose job remains safe – and I say this without bias, except I admit I have a bias – is Buck Showalter, who has led the Mets to solid playoff ground so far. He went from a torrid affair with the Orioles to this grand summit, and he has never looked sharper in either managing or working the press… But Buck has always led teams to the brink of World Series contention, leaving just before they made a splash. Perhaps this year will make Buck’s dream of winning a World Series title a reality… Always a bridesmaid, never a bride…

Well, I’m writing this as the Mets have taken two injuries at the brutal hands of Yu Darvish… Pete Alonso got hit in the hand with a high-speed pitch and Starling Marte pulled his hamstring… I don’t know at this moment what the situation will become with them but I can’t imagine anything good. I am a lifelong Mets fan and therefore I default to Pain and Suffering. Our enemies say LOLMets as derogatory slang but I wear it as a badge of honor, for fewer fanbases have had to weather luck as poor as ours.

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