Will Sisskind is me, the writer of this blog and proprietor of this website. I have many homes across the Northeast, none of which I own.

You will see in the above picture that I enjoy the music of Billy Joel, the baseball antics of the New York Mets, and looking like if Jason Biggs and Adam Sandler had a love child who was cast into the poison muck waters of Onondaga Lake.

As a Learning & Development professional, I research adult learning in order to create training solutions for the retail sector. As a human being, I cannot confirm that I learn anything or function as an adult. But I do my job well enough to stay employed, and I have not yet made such a fool of myself that I have died of shame. I consider this a modest success.

Here are some infrequently asked questions about this blog, WillSisskind.com:

Why does this exist?

I need a creative outlet, as we all do.

Why not use Twitter?

I do use Twitter. Sometimes 280 characters ain’t enough. Some diatribes require eight paragraphs.

Can’t you write in a notebook and spare us the thoughts of another white guy?

Sure. May I introduce you to my stack of half-filled notebooks, all of which now collect dust in a bin next to my desk.

How many times have you started and abandoned a blog?

Too many to count.

Will you abandon this one?


Are you worried that sharing certain thoughts here will affect your life in a negative manner?

Buddy. If I ever worried about that sort of thing, I never would have logged on to the Internet in the first place.