Will Sisskind is me, the writer of this blog and proprietor of this website. Upstate New York raised me, and now New England allows me to call it home.

You will see in the above picture that I enjoy the music of Billy Joel and the baseball antics of the New York Mets. On this website, I write about current events, music, sports, whatever tickles my fancy in the moment, and perhaps some fictional pieces based on the screaming of the characters in my head.

Despite my insane ramblings, I have maintained a career as a Learning & Development professional for several years. My e-learning solutions, video and graphic editing expertise, and instructional design knowledge has benefited several companies since I graduated from Ithaca College in 2013. You may view my portfolio for a brief study of my work.

Here are some infrequently asked questions about this blog, WillSisskind.com:

Why does this exist?

I need a creative outlet, as we all do.

Why not use Twitter?

Social media has begun its death march. A return to the blog format was inevitable.

Can’t you write in a notebook and spare us the thoughts of another white guy?

Sure. Let me introduce you to my stack of half-filled notebooks, all of which now collect dust in a bin next to my desk.

How many times have you started and abandoned a blog?

Too many to count.

Will you abandon this one?


Are you worried that sharing certain thoughts here will affect your life in a negative manner?

Buddy. If I ever worried about that sort of thing, I never would have logged on to the Internet in the first place.