A wave of terrible exhaustion has pounded me into the mattress. I have gone up to Massachusetts for the weekend, and the off vibes of this last week have caught up to me. Plus I have left my usual notebook at home, so instead of confiding in the small-width lines of that tome I am writing here to You All.

Yes, nothing good happened last week. Becca got the Illness and was bed-ridden for two days. A friend of mine was maligned in such a terrible way that I can’t bear to think about it; I get sick every time I do. I tried to take my work to the park to let Becca rest, but even though warmth and sun joined me on my walk there, I got spit on and kicked by the wind and almost knocked unconscious by a volleyball at the hands of some vapid Teenagers.

But enough about that. The Mets felt the darkness too, it seems. Two blowouts to the Padres this last week say as much. Pete Alonso and Starling Marte suffering injuries do too. I knew a major victory over Blake Snell after too many games and no days off would end in disappointment. Plus now the team won’t get to face their old ace Noah Syndergaard in Anaheim this weekend. He complained about managerial chaos in Queens and now that his team has no manager and only just broke a 14-game skid, he has to go and hide. Golly, Noah, don’t you wish you had Buck Showalter to boss you around? I think the Red Sox gave one to the Angels this past series. The Mets had better rip the wings off that team. They will take two of three… God had better not cross me.

But that divine stranger doesn’t care about baseball. They like everyone else must have an opinion about the Hearings… I have not watched. Were it up to me the rioters would get slapped upside the head and sentenced to twenty years working the highways. You want to save your country? How about fixing the potholes on I-90 or tightening the rivets in the Bay Bridge? I know this issue has many more levels… But these folks got much too weird. I love free speech, but you wouldn’t catch me dead breaking into the Capitol and taking a shit on Nancy Pelosi’s desk…

So to Hell with those swine. I know that the Democrats want to make a Point of everything, making these hearings out like a present-day Nuremberg… It doesn’t interest me too much. Political theater fills me with such dread that I go to read legislation in order to cool down.

Ah well. I will have a nice steak dinner tonight with some friends and my cousin who gets married this weekend… Then we will go and watch the Celtics and Warriors face off on a Big Screen somewhere. My comrades tonight all hail from this area, and while I do not yet call myself a New Englander, I will cheer as loud for the demise of our West Coast enemy. I need a reasonably feral experience to readjust the vibes. So there.